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The Partners

We understand the power of media partners in amplifying your voice to target audiences.

Helping innovators and brands through cultural insight.


We have cultivated strong relationships with a diverse range of media partners across the Web3 ecosystem, including top-tier publications, influencers, and industry experts.

Our media partners are carefully vetted to ensure that they align with our client’s values and objectives, and we work closely with them to create tailored content and campaigns that resonate with their audiences.

Will good PR or launchpads be enough to grow my community or raise funds?

Simple answer, no.

Pushing your project to the mainstream platforms is not enough. This is what makes us different, we push your project into discord servers, token gated communities and alpha groups.

Our team will work with you to identify existing communities and niche audiences to ensure the growth of your project does not rely on social media influencers, platforms or agencies who claim to have the experiences it takes.

There is no substitute for hard work in life, and driving your value to your demographic is hard work, our in-house team of 43+ spend hours pushing your news where it matters to deliver the ROI you envisaged. Press and media is not cheap, it becomes even more expensive if you do not chose the right team to make it count. Over 3,000 publications and ICO certified as a publishing platform matters.

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