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Haven’s Compass: The First Web3 FPS Game on Epic Games Store

Haven’s Compass: Experience the Evolution with the First Web3 FPS Game on Epic Games Store

With over 20,0000 downloads in its Open Alpha stage, Haven’s Compass is revolutionizing the gaming landscape and invites all gamers to join, play for free, and share their invaluable feedback.

Nottingham, United Kingdom – September 12, 2023: The next-gen of gaming is here with Haven’s Compass, an avant-garde third-person tactical shooter by Ghost Ivy

As the “first Web3 FPS game to launch its Open Alpha on the Epic Games Store,” it’s not just about experiencing breathtaking graphics or thrilling stories but also about actively shaping the future of the game.

Developed on Unreal Engine 5, the world of Haven’s Compass transports players into a post-apocalyptic setting, an innovative universe where countries converge and new factions emerge. Players are spoilt for choice, selecting from a diverse range of characters, each armed with their unique backstory and skills.

Haven’s Compass allows players to own their skins, weapons, and characters as NFTs, which they can trade or sell on the marketplace. The game integrates blockchain as a backend solution, ensuring players can enjoy fast and low-cost transactions. 

Additionally, players do not need to worry about gas fees, as the system operates in a “gasless manner.” They can simply focus on the gameplay without getting involved in the technicalities of blockchain.

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What truly sets Haven’s Compass apart is its commitment to community engagement. With nearly 20,000 downloads in its Open Alpha stage, the game has received “overwhelming feedback,” actively driving improvements and ensuring an enhanced gameplay experience.

Ghost Ivy’s launch on the Epic Games Store allows everyone to download and enjoy the Open Alpha stage of Haven’s Compass for FREE. This integration, in combination with their transparent approach to gathering feedback, establishes a foundation of trust and collaboration with their audience.

Additionally, the immense amount of “constructive feedback” from the players of the first Open Alpha serves as a testament to the game’s immense potential and the unwavering faith of the community in its visionary concept.

Furthermore, the groundbreaking whitepaper, with its breakthrough tokenomics highlights the project’s dedication to introducing pioneering concepts to the gaming world.

The unique token system, built upon extensive feedback, will soon be bolstered with the addition of tokens from a “Dev Dao Vote.” It’s a game where player empowerment goes beyond just owning assets: it’s about having a voice in the game’s future.

Highlighting their inclusivity, the company mentioned, “Our game has been an open book. We don’t just want players; we want co-creators. That’s why we became the first Web3 Game to launch an Open Alpha on Epic Game Store, enabling everyone to share feedback, which has been invaluable in refining the gaming experience.

Haven’s Compass is not just a game; it’s a movement. We’re combining edge-cutting graphics, intricate storytelling, and pioneering Web3 features. With the community by our side, we’re crafting a unique gaming experience, and we invite everyone to be a part of this journey,” commented Ghost Ivy.

For those eager to delve deeper into the Web3 features, Haven’s Compass offers exclusive opportunities. Players can acquire game key NFTs, granting access to the developer’s DAO, and will soon have a token system in place for in-game purchases, rewards, and governance. The token system will be launched in 2024 after the closure of a private sale in 2023. 

Since its launch in 2021, Haven’s Compass has achieved numerous milestones. It has attracted thousands of players to its closed beta, formed partnerships with major influencers and influencer agencies like BAYZ, Morfyus, INDIGG, and Ampverse, and sold out all 500 of its NFTs despite unfavorable market conditions.

With a team comprising experts from top international gaming companies, award-winning filmmakers, ex-military developers, and ardent gamers, Haven’s Compass promises an unparalleled, immersive experience.

Haven’s Compass is a game that combines innovation, entertainment, and community. It aims to create a unique gaming experience for its players and empower them with ownership and participation.

The Haven’s Compass team encourages everyone to wishlist the game on the Epic Games Store and eagerly await the second round of Open Alpha in Q4 2023, with some exciting goodies up for grabs!

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About Ghost Ivy:

Ghost Ivy is a leading game development studio in the Web3 market, dedicated to creating immersive and innovative games that integrate blockchain technology and NFTs. With our passion and expertise, we craft engaging stories and gameplay that appeal to gamers and crypto enthusiasts alike. Our mission is to provide a unique and empowering experience, connecting players worldwide while constantly evolving and improving our games to exceed expectations.


KryptoHaven’s Compass.

With over 20,0000 downloads in its Open Alpha stage, Haven’s Compass is revolutionizing the gaming landscape and invites all gamers to join, play for free.

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