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3VERSE Sparks Investor battle with Cointelegraph Partnership

3VERSE Sparks Investor battle with Cointelegraph Partnership

3VERSE, a Web3 gaming and NFT project, set to launch presale next week, has sparked investor frenzy with the announcement of its Cointelegraph partnership. Already set to disrupt the NFT space where NFT collectors can use their cherished Profile Picture NFTs (PFPs) to engage in exhilarating arena combat.

The project follows the recent success of its 5th tournament/Cross IP AMA, upcoming Free Mint, Initial Game Offering (IGO) with KWAI Labs and the Initial DApp Offering (IDO) with Spores Network from June 13-15.

This has now been followed up with the visionary team announcing their most recent strategic partnership with Cointelegraph, a leading media outlet in the crypto space.

This collaboration with Cointelegraph marks a pivotal moment in their mission to revolutionize the NFT world. By joining Cointelegraph’s accelerator program, 3VERSE would gain access to its vast social reach, including display ads, press releases, and articles. This partnership will elevate 3VERSE’s brand awareness and provide exposure to a wide network of investors through Cointelegraph’s extensive investor community and investor-specific newsletters.

“With a monthly readership of 23 million page views and a social media following of 3 million subscribers, this collaboration ensures that the 3VERSE brand will reach a global audience. We are delighted to announce this partnership with Cointelegraph,” said Ryan Teo, the Founder of 3VERSE.

By merging the excitement of competitive gaming with a unique compete-to-earn model, 3VERSE rewards participants with tokens, exclusive items, and deck improvements. One of 3VERSE’s distinguishing features is its Cross-IP compatibility, allowing Ethereum-based NFTs to interact within the platform seamlessly. This compatibility lowers the barrier to entry and accelerates the onboarding process, setting 3VERSE apart from other Web3 games.

Web3 Advisory firm ANSG provided further insight, “With its ‘fun-first’ mentality, 3VERSE has captured the attention of gamers and cultivated a vibrant community,”. The Web3 firm stated, “Players can expect frequent updates, immersive in-game events, and collaboration opportunities with other NFT ventures, expanding the 3VERSE ecosystem and stimulating growth within the Web3 gaming NFT arena.”

The partnership between 3VERSE and Cointelegraph represents a significant milestone in the blockchain gaming industry. Leveraging Cointelegraph’s authoritative position in crypto, 3VERSE will gain unparalleled exposure. This would further empower the team to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience and drive innovation within the NFT world, making 3verse more credible than most other projects.

About 3VERSE | Emerges as a creative force poised to revolutionize the gaming landscape. With a team of seasoned professionals boasting extensive knowledge in blockchain, Web3, NFTs, and gaming, 3VERSE is the brainchild of Founder Ryan Teo, whose previous contributions to renowned titles such as Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell, have left an everlasting mark on the gaming industry. Ryan Teo’s deep-rooted passion and vast experience in game design and development are the cornerstones upon which the 3VERSE ecosystem is built.

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