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Racer Club | The GameFi Platform Set to Transform Web3 Gaming

Revolutionise Your Esports Experience with Racer Club: The GameFi Platform Set to Transform Web3 Gaming

The innovative Australian-based tech company Warrp Group, responsible for the eagerly awaited launch of Racer Club, has announced a strategic partnership with TDeFi, a leading Web 3.0 incubator. With a soaring demand for more interactive and engaging blockchain-based gaming, Racer Club is set to be the bridge for Web3 gamers, leading Esports into the Web3 era.

The global Blockchain Gaming Market is projected to grow from $4.6 billion in 2022 to $65.7 billion USD by 2027 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 70.3% during the forecast period. Racer Club, in collaboration with TDeFi, aims to tap into this potential by creating a competitive racing game with real rewards, building on TDeFi’s extensive expertise in gaming and tokenomics.

Matthew NG, CEO of Warrp Group, highlights the significance of the partnership, saying, “The partnership will help Racer Club Labs expand further into the global market, where it can leverage its strength in gaming, while taking advantage of the innovative tokenomics.”

Racer Club stands out from the crowd as the first Metaverse racing platform on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing players to use their native NFTs as racers or characters and their native tokens as rewards. With the capacity to onboard tribes and communities from various backgrounds, Racer Club is poised to be a game-changer in both Esports and Web3.

The Racer Club ecosystem, currently featuring over 550 signed-up projects, enables new clubs to be set up and onboarded within weeks, allowing creators to craft their own unique experiences. Only 2,500 Title Series Racer Club NFTs will ever be available, providing a lifetime license for NFT communities to start their own Racer Club game. This exclusive opportunity represents just 3% of the more than 80,000 NFT projects in the market.

Racer Club will make it easy for anyone to start their own blockchain game without prior technical knowledge, offering instant gaming utility for 2,500 Racer Club NFT projects. The platform aims to strengthen these projects in the GameFi sector, starting with its own game before onboarding 800 clubs, incubated by the Racer Club development team.

With its own token launch, Racer Club will become the first multi-native community racing game focusing on higher player rewards and retention rates compared to traditional play-to-earn games. Club creators and Racer Club NFT collection owners will have access to enabling tools to boost demand for their NFTs, benefiting from a 15% royalty from their in-game economy.

Roman Granovskyi, CTO of Racer Club, believes the market is ripe for disruption, saying, “The global market for video games is now bigger than the markets for movies and sports put together. With more than a billion ESports viewers expected by 2025, Racer Club is ready to facilitate the gaming demand, redefining the space by returning 95% of in-game spend to players and 5% to Racer Club owners.” Don’t miss out on this ground-breaking opportunity to revolutionise your ESports experience with Racer Club, the GameFi platform set to transform Web3 gaming.

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Racer Club is a an Ethereum based GameFi platform leading the Web3 movement to Esports.

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