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Katana Inu | The Ultimate Play-To-Earn Game with NFT Closes Beta

Katana Inu | The Ultimate Play-To-Earn Game with Forging NFT Mint Collection & Closed Beta

Chainvision Games is set to revolutionise the blockchain gaming space with its upcoming Play-To-Earn (P2E) game, Katana Inu, along with its exclusive Forging NFT collection, minting on 10th May 2023. This German blockchain company is creating a unique DeFi and NFT ecosystem for gamers and traders, making the project a must-have for anyone interested in blockchain gaming.

Katana Inu first caught the world’s attention in 2022 with its ground-breaking roadmap and innovative utility. This thrilling, battle royale-style free PC game has garnered support from some of the most prominent partners, investors, influencers, sports stars, and high-profile celebrities, including AMA and Grammy Award-winning artists. You can find the complete list on the official website.

Experts believe that Katana Inu could be the game-changer for mass blockchain adoption. Decentraland (MANA), The Sandbox (SAND), and other blockchain games have paved the way, but according to the Blockchain Game Alliance and DappRadar, gameplay improvements will be crucial for mainstream adoption in 2023.

Katana Inu doesn’t stop there. It also offers a native cross-chain NFT marketplace, giving players, traders, collectors, and gamers a central hub for trading NFTs. This marketplace allows other gamers and digital artists to sell their artworks for ETH, KATA, stable coins, or their native token. Additionally, KATA holders can stake, purchase, or trade in-game items like skins and weapons to enhance their gaming experience.

The Katana Inu team is confident that early adopters and beginners can earn the equivalent of a full-time salary thanks to the game’s impressive utility and ecosystem. To reward their loyal supporters, an exclusive early pre-sales mint date has been set for 10th May 2023, with a limited supply available at a fraction of the public mint price.

Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity! ANSG recommends joining the whitelist early by visiting the official website or clicking on the official whitelist link here. Be part of the future of blockchain gaming with Katana Inu!

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Katana Inu.

Katana Inu is a crypto based (NFT) PC game with high quality graphics and limited NFTs. It is a third-person game that focuses on fast-paced sword and spell fighting.

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