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MEDABOTS | Gaming Experience with Earning Opportunities

Introducing MEDABOTS: The Ultimate Gaming Experience with Earning Opportunities

MEDABOTS, the first AAA blockchain-based game, not only enables gamers to build their Medabots but also participate in global tournaments. Gamers can compete against top players worldwide for free while still earning rewards.

MEDABOTS offers a unique gaming experience, combining entertainment and investment opportunities through the Medabots Universe. Players can participate for free or invest in available NFTs. Since its inception, the Medabots roadmap has been consistent, with every launch released on schedule. In 2022, gamers enjoyed the “full adventure mode” and the highly successful multiplayer launch in June. Their play-to-earn launch emphasised the game’s ability to provide both monetary and non-monetary rewards.

To enhance the game’s compatibility with various smart devices, Medabots is now available on Google Play and the App Store. Gamers can purchase crystals with MEDAMON (the token used for Medabots, available on Huobi) in the marketplace, enabling them to compete against others while earning rewards. MEDAMON is used for creating new NFTs, purchasing NFTs from existing players, in-game purchases, and receiving rewards.

As a multiplayer card game, Medabots immerses players in thrilling robot battles. The Medabots Universe boasts a cutting-edge design, free-to-play access, engaging gameplay, and a stable economy based on the MEDAMON token.

Medabots encourages growth and development, urging gamers to engage with the platform and seize earning opportunities. Earlier this year on 5th Jan 2023, they exceeded 100,000 players, and their community keeps on going from strength-to-strength. Don’t miss out, stay up-to-date and explore earning potential by visiting the Medabots website.

Editor-in-Chief at ANSG, praised the innovative approach of the Medabots project, saying, “We were delighted to introduce our audience to such a brilliant initiative which combines gaming and earning opportunities in a single game, allowing players to play and earn”.


Build your own Medabots and participate in worldwide tournaments of Medabattles. MEDABOTS offers a unique gaming experience, combining entertainment and investment opportunities.

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