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PawPular | Bridging the Gap Between Pet Parenting & Web3 with NFTs

PawPular | Bridging the Gap Between Pet Parenting & Web3 with NFTs

PawPular is a social platform for animal lovers worldwide that was founded in 2013. Originally conceived as a platform for sharing pictures, videos, and information about pets, PawPular has evolved over the years to encompass a variety of features and services. Based in Toronto, Canada, PawPular has recently made a foray into the web3/NFT space, transforming into an NFT/Web 3 platform committed to helping animals globally. With a growing user base of almost 100,000 people, PawPular aims to bridge the gap between traditional web2 and the emerging web3 world.

The Evolution of PawPular
What began as a social platform for animal enthusiasts to connect and share content has now expanded into a comprehensive ecosystem. In response to the needs of its users, PawPular introduced an adoption and lost pet platform, as well as a services section. These additions allowed the community to actively participate in pet adoption, contribute to adoption fees, and help reunite lost pets with their owners.

Venturing into Web3 and NFTs 
Around two years ago, PawPular recognized the potential of web3 technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Embracing this new frontier, PawPular made a strategic shift to become an NFT/Web 3 platform. The primary goal is to facilitate the transition of users and their pets from web2 to web3 by providing a web3 mobile application. This application aims to foster a movement among animal lovers, empowering
them to improve their pets’ health and strengthen their bond through innovative features and

Walk2Earn with Your Pet
As part of their web3 mobile application, PawPular has launched a beta app with “Walk2Earn with Your Pet” feature. This app, available on both Android and iOS, allows users to earn rewards by walking with their pets. In addition to earning rewards, users can also accumulate tokens by referring friends and family to the app. To get started, users can download the app and use the referral code “PawPular” to earn extra tokens

Cry Elepant NFT and Exclusive Membership
PawPular’s first NFT offering is the Cry Elepant NFT, which will be available on the Polygon blockchain. The minting date for this NFT is set for May 27th. Owning a Cry Elepant NFT grants users exclusive membership to PawPular’s app and ecosystem. Some of the benefits of this membership include guaranteed access to the second collection of Free PawPets Go (Walk 2 Earn Collar NFTs), increased earnings with up to 5x multipliers, bonus token airdrops, royalties of up to 50% on secondary NFT sales, and guaranteed whitelist spots for future collections at lower prices.

Expanding the App Ecosystem
PawPular’s app ecosystem goes beyond NFTs and membership benefits. It includes several features aimed at enhancing the lives of pets and their owners:
1. Biz NFT: This service provider platform allows pet service providers to join PawPular’s community by acquiring Biz NFT (NFT as a service Provider). Providers can offer services such as pet sitting, pet walking, and veterinary care etc. The platform equips them with essential tools like calendars, booking systems, team management, invoicing, and more, without any monthly fees.
2. Pet Adoption and Lost & Found: PawPular’s platform features a dedicated section for pet adoption, allowing non-profit organizations to showcase adoptable pets to the community. Users can actively participate in the adoption process by contributing to adoption fees. Additionally, the platform includes a lost and found pets section for animals in need.
3. Social Impact: PawPular provides a platform for donations in tokens and NFTs, enabling users to support non-profit organizations dedicated to animal welfare.
4. IOT Tracker: PawPular’s IOT tracker is a physical device that offers innovative features to keep pets healthy and safe. By connecting the tracker to the PawPets GO Collar NFT, pet owners can earn additional rewards for keeping their pets active. The tracker uses cutting-edge UWB technology to track lost pets and includes features such as geofencing alarms, multi-pet tracking, activity monitoring, and NFC/QR code identification for lost pets.

PawPular has come a long way since its inception as a social platform for animal lovers. With its expansion into the web3/NFT space, PawPular aims to empower animal enthusiasts by leveraging blockchain technology and offering a range of innovative features. By bridging the gap between web2 and web3, PawPular strives to create a global movement that improves the lives of pets and animals in need. PawPular is committed to being the voice for the voiceless, advocating for animal welfare, and working towards preventing animal abuse and neglect. As PawPular continues to grow and evolve, it remains dedicated to its mission of creating a positive impact in the animal community. By providing a platform that combines the latest technologies with a passion for animal welfare, PawPular strives to empower individuals, inspire change, and ensure that animals receive the love, care, and protection they deserve.
Join PawPular’s journey and become a part of the global movement to make a difference in the lives of animals. Together, we can create a world where every animal is treated with kindness, compassion, and respect


PawPular revolutionizes the pet app industry as the pioneer and sole platform that harnesses the power of NFTs, allowing users to earn rewards simply by taking their furry companions for a stroll.

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