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Kodo Assets

Kodo Assets | Transforming Real Estate into Blockchain Tokenization

Kodo Assets:TransformingReal Estateinto BlockchainTokenization

Real estate investment has long been regarded as an exclusive and complex market, plagued by high transaction costs and limited accessibility. With the advent of blockchain technology, a ‘Brazil-based’ project “Kodo Assets” is set to disrupt the real estate industry by launching a groundbreaking real estate tokenization platform. This platform aims to democratize access to real estate investment, enhance liquidity, and remove barriers to entry. By tokenizing properties, Kodo Assets enables individuals to invest in real estate assets by purchasing digital tokens

Kodo Assets embraces transparency and accountability by leveraging blockchain technology. Each transaction is securely recorded and traceable on the blockchain, providing investors with complete visibility and confidence in their investments. This commitment to transparency not only fosters trust but also sets new industry standards

Democratizing Real Estate Investment
Tokenization is breaking down real estate properties into numerous digital tokens that can be purchased by multiple investors at a relatively low unit price. Kodo Assets leverages this concept to allow individuals to invest in real estate with smaller amounts of capital. By investing in real estate tokens, investors can access the real estate market at a lower cost compared to traditional property investments. Moreover, real estate tokens offer lower risk compared to stocks or cryptocurrencies while providing the potential for attractive returns

Why Kodo Assets?
Kodo Assets is poised to transform the real estate investment landscape through its innovative tokenization platform. By breaking down real estate properties into digital tokens, Kodo Assets democratizes access to real estate investment, increases liquidity, and removes barriers to entry. The company’s token platform, Project Kodo, offers investors the opportunity to participate in the tokenization of real estate assets, starting with first project in Brazil. In essence, the KODO1 token grants investors the right to receive dividends from the property’s rental income in direct proportion to their token ownership. The more tokens an individual possesses, the greater their share of the profits. Furthermore, when the underlying real estate is sold, the potential for substantial capital gains emerges. This unique investment opportunity offers a blend of stability and growth potential.

Kodo Assets


A true disruptive revolution that allows the creation of crypto assets and is impacting many aspects of our daily life.

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