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AnotherBlock | Music Ownership | Earn Royalties Alongside Favorite Artists

AnotherBlock: Own a Share of Favorite Songs to Earn Royalties Alongside Favorite Artists

Are you a passionate music lover who dreams of being more than just a listener or a music artist who dreams of real worth of your talent? Imagine owning a share of any favorite song and earning royalties every time it’s streamed. With AnotherBlock, this dream can now be a reality. AnotherBlock allows music creators to sell parts of future royalty streams and granting access to ownership in music tracks.

Music Ownership from Lovers to Owners
Traditionally, royalties from streaming services are paid to the owners or rightsholders of the music, including labels, artists, producers, and songwriters. Normally, these royalties are distributed every quarter, twice a year, or once a year, and are allocated proportionally among the individuals or entities holding the rights. On AnotherBlock, owners of music sell digital assets known as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) represent a share of the economic ownership in songs

Music as an Investment
As streaming revenue continues to grow, so does the interest in music investments. Big companies areincreasingly putting their money into music, considering it a great asset with significant growth potentialwithstable returns. One of the advantages of music investments is streaming revenue remains relativelyunaffected by market cycles. This makes music investment excellent to diversify portfolio and safeguardagainst market volatility.

New Era of Music Ownership and Investment3 Has Begun
Behind the scenes, AnotherBlock works closely with artists, producers, songwriters, labels, and catalog holders to bring the music ownership experience to life. These collaborations ensure that the divestment of streaming rights is fair, transparent, and mutually beneficial. With expert designers creating captivating NFT artwork, and the implementation of robust smart contracts, AnotherBlock guarantees the security and authenticity of the music ownership. Join the revolution and put your investment in music you love on AnotherBlock



On anotherblock, owners of music sell NFTs containing a share of the streaming royalty rights of your favorite songs. as an NFT owner, you will receive your share of the streaming royalties.

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